Those Who Seek

Those Who Seek is the adventuring company started by Vintar the Scholar, Sumas Tost, and Won.

Those Who Seek started out as a small company in the employ of The Council of New Phlan, doing odd jobs in an attempt to reclaim much of the old city so settlement could begin. Those jobs include, but were not limited to clearing areas of kobold, orc, and goblin settlements, running retrieval errands for information, and eventually, upon discovery of an over-lord of sorts nicknamed ‘The Boss’, spying and a more focused direction against that character.

Several interesting characters were encountered in this seminal period. Ohlo, a mage, Norris the Gray, an independent rogue, Mendor, Candor Fain,Dirten, an acolyte of Tyr, Suki, an paladin of Ilmater, Gryshnak, a goblin commander, Mace, a high cleric of Bane.

The party took on additional people, Asgar the Barbarian, Daxochadron, a mage of odd persuasion, Zalbag, a knight, Levinia, a thief, Torgal, a dwarf fighter. and Kato, during their time on Sokal Keep.

Over the course of the next year, Those Who Seek took on more tasks issued by the council, some of a personal nature. The area of Greater Phlan was mostly cleared when the Stonjanow River, the primary source of water for Phlan, was poisoned.

Those Who Seek were commissioned to travel to Yarash‘s Pyramid and stop the poisoning. They also directed engineers to pump water from Kudo’s Well. This saved countless lives.

Those Who Seek’s final commission by the council was to be an advance strike force for the combined forces of Phlan and Hillsfar.

After a thrilling battle against Tyranthraxus, where they were victorious, Phlan entered a new era of peace and prosperity.

After this, Kato departed to pursue his desired career as the "Wraithstrike"".

Those Who Seek departed on a quest then to discover more about Tyranthaxus’ ilk, The Seven Lost Gods.

Their journey to Westgate was long, but upon arrival they quickly discovered more about the city and its ties to The Lost Gods.

After some digging, they established that Camnod the Shaded Eye was active in the city under the guise of an assassin’s guild, The Fire Knives.

Those who seek set a trap for Camnod and defeated him.

After defeating Camnod, Vintar wanted to travel back to Phlan to reflect and possibly gain more insight into the Lost Gods. While there, the High Holy Man and council member of Phlan, Bishop Braccio of Tyr, guided the group to start looking for The Axe of Tyr.

So the group set out across Anarouch, past the High Forests, and on to Waterdeep. On the way, they noticed that the time spent traveling was drastically reduced, because, they thought, Tyr was “putting the wind behind them”.

They left Waterdeep after acquiring some wares, and set off towards The Silver Marches. Their trek took them through Asgar‘s pack’s territory, and they feasted with them that night.

Their final goal was south of the river break in the Nether Mountains.

There they found what was told to them to be the Lost Shrine of Tyr.

There, they delved deep into the earth to eventually meet the caretaker of the shrine, Panril.

Panril fled into a portal that took Those Who seek thousands of years into the past, where they encountered Dendar the Night Serpent. After reconciling their intentions to Panril, they went back into the shrine, and obtained the Axe of Tyr.

Zalbag took it upon himself to carry the Axe. He was stricken with visions that brought a terrible pain, but delivered information about The Seven Lost Gods. First, it showed him a vision of a stately court room, a man in shining armor and a king.
After investigation and deduction, the group determined the man in the shining armor was Haask the Voice of Hargut. They attacked him while he was hearing grievances in a common assembly room in Melvaunt.

After killing Haask and Hargut, the ground shook with a ferocious earthquake.

Next, Zalbag had visions of a great army in a field.
The group determined that a Lost God was coercing a large group of infantry to march and lay seige on Ilipur, for the falsified purposes of freeing trade to the south.

Zalbag met a young hunter turned scout, named Clarissa while posing as volunteers in the army.

After some subterfuge, The group attacked, and killed, who they deduced was [[Kezef the Chaos Hound.]]

Finally down to the last Lost God (after determining that they had killed Maram the Great Spear in Zhentil Keep, They returned to Phlan for respite.

While looking for clues as to the whereabout and plans of Borem of the Boiling Mud, they decided to investigate a Guarded Portal that they had discovered in the underground Temple of Bane at Phlan.

See TWS Planescape for more information.

While in another plane, they encountered Kapeskipiolisnen, a rust dragon, who informed them that they had basically been pawns at Bane’s service for quite a while- and that the service they were doing was breaking seals so that Bane could accomplish something. The Lost Gods, it seemed, were the seals. He also bestowed upon them two Books

Upon return to Phlan from the outer planes, TWS found that two years had passed since they had left the Prime Material Plane.

Upon detection of evil in four places around Phlan, the group ported to the graveyard, whereupon they discovered Bishop Braccio controlling undead there. Dismayed with his betrayal of both themselves and Tyr, they negotiated his surrender with Won’s Fists.

Phlan was deserted, evacuated by the remaining council of Phlan, Kahlan, Envihan, the general, and Ohlo, posing as Svenson.

Despite this premonition of being Bane’s tools, the group decided to finish their job of killing the Lost Gods, and slew Borem of the Boiling Mud.

They are currently in Waterdeep, investigating the sudden lack of clerical contact with the gods and erratic magic.

Those Who Seek

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