Pete's "I Forgot Realms"

Riddle &etc


The Axe of Tyr is an artifact created by Bane to fool Those Who Seek into thinking they were doing Tyr’s work and wishes.

The axe was created by taking the Scion of Bane, afer fulfilling his destiny of betrayal and lies, and forming him into the axe.

The axe reverted to a lifeless, broken Cardona with morphed bones after the destruction of the final Lost god.

A passage from a book given to TWS by Kapeskipiolisnen.

Broken trusts in solace
The Dead Three created
Casting doubts to menace
The Scion of Death berated
Death becomes the living
Souls empower the dead
Lost to the service in giving
Lost in the seals of Ked
Revenge of the Seven fallen
The Scion becomes the way
Scion of Bane entreats them
To open the sealed way

False Prophecy regarding the axe, obtained from an animated corpse in Westgate:

The Axe
is the only way
to stop the tablets
from being

They’re all like seals
they must be broken
to send him back


Wasnt looking but was found
in his spirit I was drowned

Beneath the glass shadows of the far reaches
lies the stone wonder of evil’s fear
Only he who quests and travels through breaches
can find and touch the lost of tyr.



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